One man’s fight to end deforestation one tree at a time

“The planting of trees is the only solution to the current climate crises!”

                                                                                                                —Dave White, Climate Change Truth, Inc.

While the world screams their dismay at the deadly emissions that fossil fuels and coal are spewing into the atmosphere, there is one man who has dedicated his life to seeing if this is truly the sole cause of global warming. Dave White is a Chemical Engineer who has dedicated over 30 years to promoting responsibility to environmental health for all.

In an exclusive interview with, Dave explains his scientific research which has not only dispelled the notion that the climate change battle is the result of carbon dioxide emissions alone, but it has also led to the planting of over 4 billion trees worldwide.

The greatest question raised by White’s research revolved around the current level of emissions and its correlation to the increase of atmospheric CO2. “Emissions had been flat since 2014, but atmospheric CO2 was still increasing—and the rate of rise was still increasing.  I asked a few climate change scientists how this could be happening if it’s true that emissions were the cause of atmospheric CO2 increase.”  White then went on to explain how most scientists seem to ignore the fact that any carbon dioxide stranded in the atmosphere was primarily due to the significant reduction in photosynthesis. According to White in a research paper he wrote entitled The Essential Role of Photosynthesis in Defining Net Zero Carbon Dioxide 1 Emissions for Equilibrium Calculations, photosynthesis is the “biological process by which the plant cell organelle, known as a 113 chloroplast, is able to “change” carbon dioxide into glucose to support its production of energy 114 (ATP) for cellular function, including the replicated biotransformation of carbon dioxide into 115 glucose.” Considering carbon dioxide is the preferred fuel source for all plant life, White believes that there is more than enough of it to support global reforestation.

In White’s theory, a major contributor to the issue of climate change is not so much the emissions that are released from fossil fueled automobiles and aircraft, to name only a few. However, the consistent deforestation that is occurring globally is of major concern when addressing the lack of atmospheric concentration. In White’s view, the truth of climate change has been either twisted or altered altogether. To ensure that factual information regarding the climate be considered when discussing both the problems and solutions to climate change, White established an organization called “Climate Change Truth” and it has already contributed to the prevention of global deforestation. “We called the company Climate Change Truth because we are scientists and we should always follow the data instead of fitting the data to what we want to fit it to,” reads the company’s website. The organization founded by White is dedicated to finding the truth about climate change, rather than simply accepting or regurgitating the information that is typically provided to the general public.

White has proven that he is far from being afraid to stand his ground on the importance of increasing the population of trees globally. He has personally tweeted the Amazon rain-forest nation leaders asking that they end Amazon deforestations and that they do so for one year. His results have been very promising. After tweeting the president of Brazil, Bolsonaro started a two-month ban on burning in the Amazon forest.

“I’ve handed out over 5,000 flyers requiring the end of the Amazon deforestation. So far people are beginning to see the truth,” White stated regarding his

With such success, White is now ready to take his fight, along with his statistics and calculations, to the next level. He completed the world’s first atmospheric CO2 equilibrium paper called the CO2 Equilibrium Paper NetZeroCO2e=9.2 gt/yr that is currently waiting to start scientific peer review. “We have the data to support our theory surrounding Amazon reforestation, however we can’t do this effectively without proper funding,” said White. “If we receive $80 million over the next ten years we will have the ability to present our findings at scientific and climate conferences, and we will have what we need to get back to atmospheric concentration by 2031,” he continued. White’s efforts have led to the planting of over 4 billion trees globally. We have no doubt that he will open the door to another 4 billion sooner than we know.

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