Are We Allowed to Blame the Poor for the Climate Change Crises?

There are widespread concerns over the slow death of our environment and its impact on our ability to survive the current climate crises.

Without a doubt, people are the main problem behind the climate crises and unless we all change our daily habits, we will find ourselves running out of precious time. Although no one person, or group of people, can or should be blamed for our current situation, there seems to be a belief that the poor are the greatest problem concerning the deterioration of our planet.

There are countless blogs, articles, and online videos that attempt to explain how the lifestyle of those in poor communities throughout the world are the greatest factor in the climate crises that we are experiencing.

A recent blog by Chante Owens entitled “How Poverty Impacts the Environment” is a perfect example of this dilemma. In Owens’ discussion, she mentions how “impoverished communities contribute to deforestation with the harmful ways in which they use natural resources” and she even goes so far as to the way the poor utilizes forest wood and soil is what is currently leading to the “destructive cycle that spirals the environment further downward.”

According to Owens, the ignorance of the poor is leading to our destruction and this is not good. Unfortunately, there are others who share this sentiment.

Water and air pollution are problems that have many contributing factors. People throughout the world, regardless of their economic status, are guilty of contributing to the problems that we are facing regarding global warming.

Deforestation, for example, occurs for the contribution of housing, paper, and a multitude of other items and products that people use on a daily basis. The air pollution that we are all experiencing can be blamed on the consistent use of fossil fuels that emit into the air when we drive our vehicles, ride airplanes, or simply warm our bodies or cook while in the comfort of our homes.

We are all guilty of contributing to the problems invading our planet and we are all responsible for making the situation right.

Blaming poor people for our current environmental crises is not only silly, but it also proves that we all need a bit of empathy in our hearts when discussing how we are going to solve the problem of global warming. If we blame one group of individuals for being the problem, then we are not going to truly find and effective solution. How can we? If we can’t see beyond our own ignorance when we discuss the problem, then how can we truly see clearly the solution that stands before us?

Knowledge is power, and we all have a responsibility to learn as much as we can about the problems invading our climate. We can’t sit around and assume that we have all of the answers when we can’t see beyond our own prejudices. Seeing clearly means that we are accepting of the fact that we all play a role in the issue of climate change and that we all have the power and ability to make a difference.

It begins with our own fight to see with more than just our eyes. We have to fight this war on our planet with our hearts. Once we do this, we will see the world make a drastic transformation. This is all we need to make this world a much better place.


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