Is Biden Using the Climate Crises to Gain Votes?

In July, Former Vice President Biden introduced his new team who would assist him with addressing the issues of climate change. His campaign is the “Climate Engagement Advisory Council” and its main purpose, according to Axios, is to “mobilize voters who prioritize climate change and environment justice.” Given the time in which the plan unveiled, can it be assumed that Biden and his team has simply found a way to guarantee a new group of voters for the upcoming election?

It’s most interesting that the Biden camp utilized the help of a poll that showed most
American citizens being interested in the fight to save our planet. Once it was discovered that global warming was at the top tier of ‘voter’s priorities’, Biden’s council suggested that his campaign utilize the information as a political opportunity.

Since then, Biden has published a plan that he shared on his website entitled the “A Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice” that lays out the complete roadmap to how he intends to combat the climate crises singlehandedly.

According to Biden’s website, the plan is necessary because “the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of climate challenges,” and because “the environment and economy are totally connected.”

The website then goes into a lavish plan that explains how Biden will address and fight the issue of our climate crises on both an environmental and economic level. It even addresses how he will utilize his connections with global leaders to ensure they are also on board with the fight to save planet earth.

Finally, Biden’s campaign uses the fact that President Trump has not acknowledged the climate crises and that he has failed to act upon it. Although Trump has not secured a lavish plan on how the current administration would address our global crises on climate change, can it be said that Biden is only utilizing the American people’s interest in global warming to his own advantage?

If Biden is truly interested in what the American people felt on the issue of climate change, why would he wait until the election to address the issue? He has been in political power for years, yet this is his first real push on what he will do once he’s in office.

Although Trump has stated that the climate crises is a fraud, which is why he fails to act on the issue, can it be said that his inaction is no different from Biden’s if Biden fails to make good on his promises?

At some point, when will the American people stop listening to promises and instead look at the results of what’s being done? Making plans to address the climate crises is wonderful but it means nothing if it ends with inaction. We can all agree that we appreciate the lavish details of Biden’s environmental plan. However, we must keep our eyes on the reality that with or without promises, one thing is for sure: The earth is still on fire.

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