Company Finds Arguably Conflicting Solution to Deforestation

We all know that the planet is in danger with excessive flooding, overheating, drought, sea level rises, and a host of other problems that are in dire need of a plausible solution. The biggest problem in getting that solution is that many companies, politicians, and regular civilians fail in joining together in an effort to agree upon the one thing that can turn this devastation around. Well, that is, until now.

One top solution to our climate crises has been addressed with a credit card created by a company called Ecosia that actually allows a tree to be planted every time you use it. Of course, the card is called the “TreeCard” and it was established to provide a realistic solution to the problem of deforestation. Trees are a major source of the fresh air that we breathe so it is agreeably vital that we do everything in our power to save them from fires and greedy corporations.

As with any wonderful idea, there is of course a catch to this solution. The cards are actually made up of wood and plastic. One might ask how a card made of wood could possibly provide a solution of deforestation, especially when it cuts down a tree to make cards that supposedly plants them. A representative of Ecosia addressed this with ease. “We produce more than 300,000 cards from one sustainably sourced FSC cherry wood tree, so we’ll never need to use more than a few trees to produce all our cards,” reads the justification on the company’s website. “Our card uses sustainably sourced FSC cherry wood and a core made from recycled plastic bottles.”

Cutting down a few trees to plant hundreds more is a bit of a stretch to some. It makes sense that not many people would approve of the idea that the elimination of a tree must occur in order to plant more. Couldn’t the company simply find other alternative materials to create the card? This seems like a fair question; however it could be argued that most cards are created using 100% plastic, which is even more harmful to the environment.

Ecosia states that they are on a mission to reforest the planet, all while helping consumers make an impact with sustained climate action. The way the card works is “anytime a person uses their TreeCard, the merchant has to pay Ecosia a small transaction fee that they will use to fund reforestation projects.” The card comes with the Mastercard logo and can be used anywhere for anything.

Although it can be celebrated that Ecosia has stepped up to the plate to provide a solution to our climate crises, can we ignore that the solution contributes to the problem, even if remote? Tell us what you think.


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