CO2 and Climate Change – An Alternative Viewpoint

There is an alternative view from a group that includes several respected and qualified scientists about the impact of CO2 on the Earth’s climate. And it may have you reconsider what you think you know about global climate change.

The CO2 Coalition is an independent non-profit that presents a different view of CO2 and its impact and its purpose in the Earth’s atmosphere. The Coalition is an independent, non-profit organization that engages in informed, dispassionate discussion of how our planet will be affected by CO2 released from the combustion of fossil fuel and other sources.

As opposed to the conventional views of global climate change, Coalition members – many of them respected scientists from a broad field of study – have come to the conclusion that additional CO2 will be a net benefit.

The Coalition does not deny that CO2 holds and retains heat when exposed to sunlight. They also do not deny that CO2 levels in the atmosphere are increasing since the industrial revolution. What they do dispute is the impact those emissions are having on global climate and global warming.

The Coalition says mainstream warming forecasts have been wrong. Over the past two decades, the global warming predicted by climate models has mostly failed to materialize. The real “equilibrium climate sensitivity”—the amount of global warming to be expected for a doubling of atmospheric CO2—is likely to be about three times smaller than what the models have assumed. Observational data suggest that doubling atmospheric CO2 levels will increase the surface temperature by about 1° C, not the much larger values that were originally assumed in mainstream models. According to Coalition members, using these much smaller, observationally-based climate sensitivities, the projected warming from the continued use of fossil fuels will be moderate and benign for the foreseeable future.

An Alternative View of CO2

In addition to the majority of conventional climate models being off about CO2, the Coalition believes that increased levels of CO2 can actually benefit that planet rather than damage it. They say that more carbon dioxide levels will help everyone, including future generations of our families. CO2 is the essential food for land-based plants. The Earth’s biosphere has experienced a relative CO2 famine for millions of years, and the recent increase in CO2 levels has had a measurable, positive effect on plant life. Future CO2 increases will boost farm productivity, improve drought resistance, bolster food security and help create a greener, lusher planet.

As far as the “Climate Armageddon” being espoused by most global warming activists, the Coalition says to relax and that your kids and grandkids will likely inherit an Earth healthier than the one you grew up in, stating again that “the real ‘equilibrium climate sensitivity,’ which is the amount of global warming to be expected for a doubling of atmospheric CO2, is likely to be about 1°C, some three times smaller than most models assumed. Using these much smaller climate sensitivities, which are drawn from careful and long-running observations of the natural world, the projected warming will be moderate and beneficial for the foreseeable future.”

The Coalition provides an interesting alternative approach to most of the doomsayers about global climate change, and in the interest of free and open discussion of ideas, we will present some more of their views on these pages in the coming months.

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