About Us

The Energy Net is a news site is designed to foster healthy dialog to strike a balance between people who need to see progress on Climate Change and those who fear the consequences of incompetent politicians spending trillions of dollars on bad solutions.

I am chagrined at the current political climate and the hardcore on both sides who somehow refuse to believe that we can have massive changes in energy in a way that IMPROVES our economy instead of flattening it.

And that is why we are here.

Our own plan is a solar energy play that works as a farmers market, where anyone can participate with $100 or $1 million, and make money immediately. We envision the energy grid transforming into an internet economic model, driven by demand, with hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers connected by protocol to a real-time energy market.

But we also recognize the role that energy plays in a great many problems.

Many have recognized the link between energy availability and poverty. Energy is the leverage some impoverished communities lack in building the infrastructure to grow, educate and thrive. An energy market like the one we will propose and outline on this site would not only provide the energy, but also as a source of income and a source of savings.

Most of terrorism ihas been funded through oil revenues. Seem simplistic? The site’s founder was with the intelligence community for 12 years.  The countries in the Middle East who support terrorism are funding it from their oil profits. Their terrorist cells around the world are supported from the Middle East, often by Middle Eastern billionaires. The exceptions are perhaps in Afghanistan and previously in Colombia and Peru, where terrorism has been funded by illegal drugs.

The plan also accounts for rapid (and i mean RAPID) expansion throughout the world, with America in the lead.  That means economic gains, balance of trade gains, perhaps even a curb to the aggression of China who might otherwise try to monopolize energy equipment markets around the world (Multi-Trillions of dollars…).

So expect articles on this site that may be only peripheral to the issue of climate change. We want our readers to have a 360 degrees view of the energy and climate change issue as it relates to economics, social issues, geopolitical events and situations, and the rights and prosperity of the individual.

The rules are simple.

1. Be vocal, be skeptical but bring sources and data with you whenever possible.

2. Be polite and respectful to everyone.

3. Have fun, poke and prod when you need to provided it doesn’t violate rule number #2.

4. Look at the documents in the plan, and let us know where we have a good solution and where we are just full of it. Otherwise we will never learn.

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